This past weekend was Lisa’s birthday party. I volunteered to make the cake. She wanted a reddit cake. This is the picture she sent me for inspiration:

For those of you who don’t know, that cute little guy is the mascot of Now this cake is cute but I am way too much of an over achiever to just recreate it. I decided to include some popular reddit memes. The original plan was a 3 tiered cake with narwhals on the bottom, followed by a bacon cake, topped by the reddit alien(apparently his name is Snoo…who knew?).

Once I started pulling cakes(box mix funfetti) out of the oven, I realized how huge it was going to be so I scrapped the narwhal tier. The bacon cake won out for two reasons: 1) Lisa LOVES bacon, and 2) I found some great inspiration:

I started out with two 12″ cakes stacked and crumb coated with cream cheese frosting. Then it was time for fondant. I divided up my store bought fondant into 3 parts. Using gel food coloring I tinted 1 part red, 1 part pink and left the rest white. In the future I will buy gloves because I also tinted my hands in the process. Even with the gel coloring the red looked a little pink. Eventually I will be fully stocked with other colors. If I had brown I would have added some to make a more realistic looking bacon color. Once I was happy enough with the colors I rolled out the fondant and tore off strips of each. I put the three strips next to one another and used my rolling pin to fuse them together creating lovely *pinkish* bacon fondant. I trimmed them up and added them to the cake one by one until the entire thing was covered.

For the next step I made 4 6″ cakes. Unfortunately my jerk of a dog managed to steal one of them of the kitchen table so I was forced to make do with only 3. I replaced the missing cake with rice crispy treats. I stacked them up with the rice crispy treats on the bottom, using straws for stability, and then started carving. Once I had the shape I was looking for I frosted him, covered him in white fondant and stuck him in the fridge. I formed his arms, legs, antenna and bun thingys out of rice crispy treats, covered them with fondant and let them set in the fridge as well.

The next day after work I put the little guy together. I used regular white icing and toothpicks to attack Snoo’s appendages and used a bendy straw reinforced with toothpicks and masking tape to hold up the antenna ball. I covered the evidence with black sparkle gel icing and and then drew on his smile. I used one of my measuring spoons to cut out 2 little circles of extra red fondant for the eyes. What do you think?

Lisa absolutely LOVED the cake of course and it was a big hit. We had a little fun cutting it up. This was the first time I haven’t been sad to see one of my cakes eaten and here’s why:

A little food coloring on the knife and extra frosting for Snoo’s new facial expressions and cutting him up was actually kind of fun. You may not be able to have your cake and eat it too but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of the situation. :0)